2009 - King Humpty Dumpty

King Humpty Dumpty

Sat Jan 17th 2009 @ 2:30

Sat Jan 17th 2009 @ 6:30 

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Sat Jan 24th 2009 @ 2:30 

Sat Jan 24th 2009 @ 6:30


Produced and Directed by

Jill Hyde and Leigh Robinson 


Review from the Bucks Free Press

A feel-good show for all the family

5:05pm Wednesday 21st January 2009


By Francine Wolfisz



FORUM PLAYERS will need little egging on when their light-hearted panto, King Humpty Dumpty, opens at Bourne End’s Centre Theatre next weekend.



Written by Paul Reakes, the madcap action starts with the Bad Luck Fairy trying to hire Humpty Dumpty as her evil assistant. But the Good Fairy arrives just in time to save him, sealing Humpty inside a giant egg to keep him from harm.


“It’s a feel-good show, suitable for all ages. There aren’t any spooky or evil characters as you might get with other pantos, so even young children should be able to enjoy this." Leigh Robinson



She then transports him to Eggton-on-Sea, where he meets a host of colourful characters, including the larger-than-life Dame Patsy Putumup, the beautiful Princess Penelope, comical duo Spit and Polish, and the loveable Horace the Horse.


Long-time group member Leigh Robinson, who is co-directing alongside Jill Hyde, describes the production as “really nice, bright and very colourful”.



She adds: “It’s a feel-good show, suitable for all ages. There aren’t any spooky or evil characters as you might get with other pantos, so even young children should be able to enjoy this.”


Leigh, who currently lives in Bourne End, tells me there are more than 30 people in the cast, ranging from long-time members to relative newcomers.



Stepping onto the stage with the Forum Players for the first time are new recruits Tracey Huxley and Teresa Stone, who are taking on the roles of Private Spit and Private Polish.



Meanwhile sisters Amy and Hollie Hudson, who have starred in the group’s previous youth productions, are trying out their first panto as Captain Vince Valiant and Princess Penelope respectively.



Talent also runs in the family for principal Chris Perry, who takes on the role of Humpty Dumpty, while mum Linda stars as the mischievous Jinksit.



And although more than familiar with the stage, veteran member Bill Kirby is taking his first stab at playing the panto dame.


Leigh says: “He’s enjoying every minute of it, he’s going to be really super. And I won’t spoil the surprise, but all I will say is look out for the bikini!”



There will also be a live band, comprising members from the Berkshire Shadows Club, including co-director Jill Hyde’s husband, Graham, and led by Louise Langley.

Cast (in order of appearance)


Act 1

Act 2

Jinxit, the bad luck fairy

Humpty Dumpty

Good Fairy

Patsy Putumup

Captain Vince Valiant

Private Spit

Private Polish




Princess Penelope



Head Cook


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Emily Walters

Josh Brown

Ellie Jones

Shannon Baker Sophie Dean

Shona McCrae Samantha Reilly

Rick Accastello Brooklyn Accastello

Shannon Baker Josh Brown

Gay Clarke Jacob Deacon Sophie Dean

Marion Dovey Ellie Jones

Henrietta Joseph-Green

Shona McCrae Samantha Reilly

Charlotte Robinson Chloe Robinson

Jade Robinson Jade L. Robinson

Sue White Karin Wiggins

Domain of the Bad Luck Fairy


On the Way to the Beach

The Beach at Eggton-On-Sea

Domain of the Bad Luck Fairy

The Royal Palace

On the Way to the Dungeon


The Grand Finale

Louise Langley

Roger Childs

Graham Hyde

Eric Pole

Rick Accastello

Rick Accastello Karin Wiggins

Wendy Keeble and Club members

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