2006 - Jack and the Beanstalk

Forum Players



Jack and the


By Stephen Duckham

In association with NODA


Produced and Directed by

Richard Garland and Angela Telfer


All profits from the sale of the programmes will be donated to The Thames Valley Air Ambulance



 Alan Edmundson

Fairy Green Bean

 Brenda Phelps

Simon Durden

 Alice Pegrum

Squire Goodknight

 Bill Kirby

Jack Durden

 Emily Walters

Dame Durden

 Steve Phelps


 Chris Perry & Sam Dean


 Megan Clarke


 Verity Wood


Adult Chorus..

Ric Accastello,

Gay Clarke,

Marion Dovey,

Linda Perry,

Margaret Seaman,

Sue White,

Karin Wiggins

Junior Chorus..

Sophie Dean,

Carin Gibbs,

Elise Golledge,

Emily Kimber,

Ashleigh Lawson,

Kerry Lawson,

Shannon O’Donnell,

Katrina Plumridge,

Amy Price,

Stephanie Spragg


Shannon Baker,

Fiona Bennell,

Amy Bridge,

Georgia Fisk,

Hannah Joseph-Green,

Hollie Palethorpe,

Charlotte Robinson,

Isabelle Smith

We are grateful for the support of the Jeannine Greville Dance Academies and

The Pat Steel School of Dance.


Set Design..

Ric Accastello

Set Artwork..

Ric Accastello, Karin Wiggins Angela Telfer & Club Members


Wendy Keeble

Set Construction..

Roger Clarke, Mel White,

Brian Pemberton, Nigel Hunt

& Steve Phelps

Stage Manager..

Brian Pemberton

Stage Crew..

Roger Clarke, Mel White,

Nigel Hunt & Chris Mealor


Jennifer Hyde


Graham Hyde



Rob Feltwell

Jill Hyde


Jonathan Tatlow

Vocals Coach..

Emily Phelps


Barrie Penfold, Steve Phelps

& Ric Accastello


Steve Phelps

Front of House..

Club Members

Box Office..

Crocks & Crystal, Bourne End

Rehearsal Prompt..

Leigh Robinson

Maitre d’Armes..

Richard du Chateau



Synopsis of Scenes


Act I

Scene I..

Above the Clouds

Scene II..

The Town Centre

Scene III..

On the Way to Market

Scene IV..

The Market Fair

Scene V..

On the way Home

Scene VI..

Dame Durden’s Cottage

Scene VII..

Act II

Dame Durden’s Garden

Scene I..

At the top of the Beanstalk

Scene II..

On the way to the Giant’s Castle

Scene III..

The Giant’s Kitchen

Scene IV..

Back to the Beanstalk

Scene V..

Dame Durden’s Garden

Scene VI..

Before the Wedding

Scene VII..

The Wedding at Goodknight Hall


We are always looking for new members, to tread the boards or help out back stage.  If you would like to join our group, then please come down to the Community Centre on Monday or Wednesday at 8.00pm.


For more information please e-mail info@forumplayers.co.uk or visit our website at www.forumplayers.co.uk


Jack and the Beanstalk , The Forum Players  


Little ones might be tempted to flee when the booming voice of the giant starts Forum Players panto "Jack and the Beanstalk". But they'll be back.


Then it's into all the fun of May Day. Add the responsibility for keeping Simple Simon on a straight course and giving warnings when danger lurks. This is traditional panto at its best and this amateur dramatic group are past masters at giving their audiences just what they want.


Ever present and planning how he's going to keep his master happy is man-in-black, Grisley, the giant's henchman. Alan Edmundson does a great job in the role as he is constantly plagued by the Green Bean Fairy (Brenda Phelps), plots the capture of Daisy the cow (Chris Perry and Sam Dean) and promises a swift end to Jack Durden (Emily Walters) and all the Durden family.


Like every good panto it's the Dame who holds everything together. Whether it's bemoaning the loss of Daisy, climbing the beanstalk, cooking a pie for the giant or being attacked by a dragon and mystic spirits, she's the top man. Dame Durden (Steve Phelps) produces a whole range of facial emotions that are irresistible. But then Steve has done it many times before.


Daisy the cow is the cream on the top of this show and deservedly steals the limelight. A colourful chorus, always in good voice, will have any audience singing along. Then there's the dancers. Here there's such a range of routines from dancing round the maypole to planting magic beans and as mystic spirits, they'll inspire any wannabee dancers in the audience.


Wondering why there was a "Maitre d'Armes" listed in the programme the reason was simple during the final fight sequence which was skilled and realistic.

Worth a special mention are the sets which transport you from town square to woodland glade, up to the clouds and into the giant's kitchen. Costumes are colourful and the entire cast oozes enthusiasm and enjoyment. For the audience it's infectious.


A great panto once again from a very good amateur dramatic group. It's in the Centre Theatre, Wakeman Road, Bourne End and there's shows tomorrow at 2.30pm and 6.30pm then on Sunday at 2.30pm. On Saturday, January 28 there are performances at 2.30pm and 6.30pm. Crocks and Crystal on The Parade, Bourne End, has the box office or you can ring

01628 523291.

Barrie Penfold

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