2005 - Miss Glossop Comes To Tea

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Vera Partington

Ronald Partington

Jane Glossop

Daphne Partington

Elizabeth Partington

Justin Partington-Creswell

Harriet Kiddle

Nurse Christine Meredith

Annette Brown

Detective Inspector Hewitt

Wendy Keeble

Bill Kirby

Ali Arnold

Emily Walters

Sally Rowlandson

Andrew McLaughlin

Emily Phelps

Marion Dovey

Linda Perry

John Sendall

Hapless amateur sleuth, Miss Glossop visits her old friend Vera Partington and solves a murder to the satisfaction of everyone - especially the guilty. Set in a country house in the recent past, the plot thickens as long-held secrets are revealed and we discover that almost any of the guests or members of the household could have committed the crime.


Stage Manager

Backstage Crew

Front of House

Set Design and Artwork

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Box Office

Jill Hyde

Club Members

Club Members

Rick Accastello Karin Wiggins

Club Members

Graham Hyde

Rob Feltwell

Margaret Seaman

Barrie Penfold Steve Phelps Rick Accastello

Steve Phelps

Wendy Keeble Margaret Sendall

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