2003 - Groping for Words

 Groping for Words


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Joyce Chambers - Marion Dovey

Kevin Muldoon - Berj Tekerian

Thelma Churchill - Linda Perry

George Bishop - Richard Holden


Four characters, all of them desperately seeking to do something with their lives, meet in an Adult Education Centre in the close confines of a class for people with reading problems.


Joyce chambers is the newly qualified tutor who feels she wants to help others and "do her bit for society". Her radical principles means she votes Labour but lives well and has an important social life.


Kevin Muldoon says he doesn't really need help as he struggles to read his way through the tabloid newspapers while doing maintenance at the Centre and coping with delivery notes and instructions. He's a wide boy and a lad who rejected education but would like the trappings of a good job.


Miss Thelma Churchill likes to dress appropriately so she arrives for her classes in exercise clothes. She tells her friends she's doing aerobics. As an untrained nanny she knows she could do better for herself.


George Bishop is down on his luck and is from Huddersfield. He has been reduced to sleeping in the Wendy House at the Adult Education Centre. His family have emigrated and he wants to make something of himself before it's too late.


Together they defend their lives and their choices with humour and some strong language. They are misfits and usually at the end of the queue - but they're seeking the illumination of language which will brighten their lives.

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